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The news about the leak of client data on credit cards through a Spanish company - operator of bank payments was the reason for their mass exchange by many banks in Europe, only in German banks were seized from circulation several hundred thousand credit cards. Former board member of the German bank KfW Peter Fleischer was able to sue from the financial institution his salary, reports Bloomberg agency. German banks can write off another 90 billion euros (136 billion dollars) of "bad" loans and securitized financial instruments, which would jeopardize their profitability, even considering the fact that the economy is recovering from recession. Ten largest German banks may need additional capital in the amount of 105 billion eurosin the operationalization of the third part of provisions of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, "Basel 3".

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Westerwald Bank BLZ: 95173
Bankleitzahl: 57391800
Postleitzahl: 56470